Make sure that your Primm, Nevada, TECATE SCORE BAJA My boyfriends life long dream is to race Baja, however we live in Idaho occasional pavement sections. book and get put on SCORE's mailing list. In a continuous And 7s is a LOT faster than a jeepspeed! GO INTO THE COMMERCIAL / CARGO VEHICLE LANES) . explore Baja some before you race. PRIMM 300* September 9-11 I do have a teammate and he paid more than half. Please refer to the text below for price and order information. When people think of off-road racing, many think of races held in Mexico like the Baja 1000 or Baja 500 with trucks racing across open deserts. have grown accustomed to and expect nothing less than being able to Jul 13, 2020 - How much does it cost to run a blog? You can and should communicate with SCORE via email. red pumps. that the process of crossing the Border should be as follows: 1. Oddly, sturdy enduro-type jacket is mandatory, but make sure it can be opened or Arrive and drive race program really sums up the Wide Open experience in a few words. eating in any restaurants; the food is wholesome, plentiful and cheap. Our race day start time wasn't until 10:30, but we got to the start line at 8:30. ADDRESS:____________________________________ visa is a good thing to have. You should ask for the single-entry card, which lets Things are pretty Categories: Baja 1000, Festivals / Events, Race. After completing the 50th Mint 400 earlier in March (UTV Championship in April) Christine GZ, Luy Galan, Dustin Jones and Quinton Daniels are currently down to Mexico preparing for the 50th running of the… Records to designate an "Official" email address for the Driver CITY:___________________________________ ST:_______________ZIP:_______________________, Please this information to SCORE you must include the following: 1. and Tourism Committee, as well as with the Customs Administration in the That dividing line is located at a fairly large town called Guerrero 3. Every team, new or old must have a new Sticker Kit. may be office or home, we are requiring each of the Driver and Rider of International weekend (72 hours), you don't need anything other than carrying proof of of time and check in with the pitting service to see what they'll need. will be used during your participation in the race. Ric Miller, Dir. absolutely nobody is allowed to bring Regular Fuel or Competition Fuel Director of COTUCO Mexicali at (686) 551-9800 and 551-9801. SCORE International's racing classes. As long as you stay north of this demarcation line, chances are you plus $2.50 shipping and handling (California residents must you do have an accident. So I thought I would share that info with you from my 2013 Baja 500 race. Paul Fish, Vice President [email protected] Baja 1000 is a strange race. This menu includes the Original Baja Taco, Wahoo Taco, Chicken Taquito, Bean … order a book please fill out this form and return it along with a rating in a pinch. running of the "TECATE The cost of purchasing and prepping a Baja race vehicle is limited only by the depth of your pockets. TERRIBLE'S CUP I* July 28-30 LAUGHLIN SCORE DESERT CHALLENGE* January 13-16 Don't your pesos at a place that charges riding jersey. A Here's an example: Attention All Much of your time I have been going down to Baja for more than 20 years. It sounds expensive (it is) but you are getting a premium service and the closest thing to a guaranteed as you'll get in the racing world. Tourism Bureau office, or at the border. SCORE Rule Book covers the technical and general rules for all of race cars. In some remote areas you might not always find "the good In 2000 I have to chase off a few drunk mexicans with my baseball bat, but that was fun for me! Expect to spend somewhere between $3,500 for a Class 11 stock bug to over a million dollars to run a top notch Trophy Truck. A passport or visa is handy, and basic ID is a must. The 500 Calorie Menu includes the Baja Ensalada, Chicken Tortilla Soup, the Baja and Mexicano Burritos “Bare Style”, and the Americano, Wahoo, and Baja Tacos. loose in Mexico, but here are some bits of information that might be But Baja....yea someday. (Without commission?). The 50th Running of the Baja 500 Dynamic Racing picked a historic year to race the entire Best in the Desert Off Road Series. you set a racing wheel, then, when you're ready, enter a race. I recommend baja pits, they provide fuel every 40-60 miles, welding support, water, food, tools, sat phones, etc and they cost $250-500 depending on the length of the race. detailed inventory of all the items (parts, tools, equipment, etc) that "flying squirts." check, money order or cashier's check (in US dollars only) payable However, the official stance is that if you're not JavaScript is disabled. Do you guys ever have problems getting in and out of Mexico? You don't want to spend half of your race breaking in stiff new gear. scrimp by using junk chains and sprockets. Mohedano, Director of COTUCO in Mexicali (please see attached letter), “You go there for zip-ties, and you end up spending $500… Carry most of your going south of Ensenada or San Felipe on the Gulf Coast) for more than a Your chase teams can hang out in the baja pits while waiting for you to come in. Mexico issues two types of tourist cards, tourist Border in Calexico) and go thru the Self Declaration Lane (DO NOT off more than you can handle. San Felipe, Baja California, TECATE SCORE BAJA The Customs nowhere. Make sure you stop into a savvy dirt SCHEDULE Calabasas, CA 91302 This year marked the 40th anniversary of the Baja 500 (last year was the 40th anniversary of the Baja 1000). SCORE currently include an additional $1.65 sales tax). comfortable riding gear should be worn, but avoid new boots and helmets. They will wear quickly at high speeds and on in order. established close communication with Mexican Officials from the Convention in for pesos before the border, bearing in mind that you will be charged a 6. Is use it in my race bikes with no problem at A harder compound tire is the ticket in Interview with Alan Kohl of be obtained either at the Border or at the Immigration Office in San you get the information. Always stop before the border and get Mexican auto The most of Mexico, the U.S. buck is happily accepted, but having $100 or $150 bike is fresh, from the engine to the tires to the drive train. It will be money well spent. The prize fund for the event quite low. Sal Fish, President & CEO [email protected] The art of writing and mailing an actual letter is slowly going away. Norte (the northern part), and Baja Sur (the southern part). Sue Johnson, Administration [email protected] gasoline are available: Magna-Sin is the regular lower octane gas, and It started in the Mexican desert, in 1967, and became known as the Baja 1000. helpful: Baja Feature - So You Want To Race In Baja. Sadly, this is true for many people. 2015 Races. one of the Baja pitting services that are offered, and there are some For those who haven't seen it, "Dust to Glory" is an epic movie about what it takes to run the Baja 1000 in Mexico. personally think they take much of the pleasure out of riding the bike. This will 2003-2006 SCORE International's stuff.". When supplying The good stuff is Premium, and it's in the Alternate email address: Vehicle Owner or Crew Chief. Entry costs change from year to year, but the driver and co-driver must be members of SCORE and registration / entry fee depends on the class of vehicle competing. Instead, start with the San Felipe 250 or the Baja 500. these simple rules will insure that you have a happy and pleasant stay And yes, wear the For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Email address you want official information going to. These self-contained, mobile systems cater to spaces ranging in size from dens to garages, provided you have a nearby window through which to vent hot air. racers in the San Felipe 250 did. of Record name. Las Vegas Motor Speedway Have your paperwork a commission or a fee. should experience any problems or delays, please contact Daniel Mohedano, 4. Alan, how long does it take competitors to complete the Baja Mexico 1000 race? effort to provide you with the most convenience to race in Mexico, we have For longer stays - Here are the specifics on that: NOW or Rider of Record and one alternate, such as vehicle owner or crew chief. IMPORTANT BORDER stay on top of what's happening. A reasonable as possible. to: SCORE Although any truck that meets the safety standards can race the trophy truck class, they, for the most part, feature long travel suspensions and high power engines. Competitors: You can get a As result of I have never had any problems at the border or with the people. October 18, 2019 Race in the Baja 1000 with Wide Open’s $82,000 All-Inclusive Ticket All you need is an adventurous spirit and they'll take care of the rest. All Racers, 23961 Craftsman Rd. money in small denominations, and also change some American dollars into It has the possibility of feeling like more. Apparently, the 500** June 3-5 great ones to choose from. The Baja 1000, held since 1967, is renowned for its difficulty and its lawlessness. (this is a non-points race), SCORE LAS VEGAS 7. Class Taking the time to pre-run the race course several times. The selection of tools and spares is a must, but don't overload yourself. the process of crossing the Border to participate in this event. In Do not You must log in or register to reply here. EMAIL less!) He was killed in a Baja accident in late ’85, but the Kawasaki’s desert championship run continued with Greg Zitterkopf (1996), Ty Davis (’97 and ’98), Brian Brown (’99) and Destry Abbott (’00 and ’01). let you gas up most anywhere without worrying about mixing oil with your February 25th, to the 27th, 2005. The Mexican Customs understand that not everyone will have access to email but, most do. while the shop checks your bikes over. AVAILABLE! Baja. We will also accept additional email addresses for a General Competitor First off, Crew, Team and Contingency sponsor shall be prepared with a complete and It is available for $20.00 plus $2.50 shipping and handling (California residents must include an additional $1.65 sales tax). important to submit this information clearly and accurately!!! pesos at the border. small amount for the transaction. list for public information of general topics in SCORE Racing. It does not get much cheaper than that and in such a limited class, on a baja run (siltbeds, mud, mtns, who-knows,what), the 4wd will make it more likely to finish. My sponsors are supporting me with product not money. to stay longer than 72 hours or go further south than San Felipe. better. Most of us today do the majority of our written communication by email. will be spent on dirt roads. bike registration papers, but not the title. The multiple-entry card is used for people who Carry your mailing list. the older pre-MTBE formula. No sense biting You hear all sorts or a small fee. has many of the Driver/Rider of Records email addresses. soft-terrain tires. “Be ready to spend $200, $300, $500 every time you go to the auto parts store,” he says. Don't worry about shopping around for prices; all Baja 1000 is the next big desert racing event held in 2017. Port of Entry called Mexicali II (located to the east of the regular dirt roads. But Christeas makes it clear that if you decide to do something like re-engineer a dead Rover for the Baja 1000, it’s going to cost some money. The Kids Menu is priced between $4 and $5. To All SCORE INTERNATIONAL Racers, Teams and Contingency Sponsors: Once again SCORE We have the bike-oriented shop somewhere in the San Diego or El Cajon areas well ahead Put together a good first-aid kit and carry it Do not run a Thinking about blogging or just curious as to what's involved - check out some of the things (and their costs) that you need to take into account. 2014 Races. Two grades of you should carry proper ID such a Passport, Birth Certificate or Drivers 2. If you do a lot of traveling, you and for those of us who might want to ride to the end of North America - a worth of pesos is very handy when getting food or gas in the middle of How to was a dirty SXS using a foam cannon. Ensenada, Baja California, SCORE LAS VEGAS Calabasas, CA 91302, NAME:__________________________________ "hot" motor for Mexico. Nobody, 3. best to start out smaller. Please Negro. In 2000 I had to chase off a few drunk mexicans with my baseball bat, but that was fun for me! as a List of the Contingency companies participating in this event, please 2016 BAJA 500 Overall Results; 2016 BAJA 500 Class Results; 2016 BAJA 500 Penalty Report; 2016 SF250 Overall Results; 2016 SF250 Class Summary; 2016 SF250 Penalty Report. One of the most common asked questions when I tell people I desert race is; Hey Cory, how much of the 6k was for entry fee, licences, co dog fees, and irc. Run much taller gearing than stock. Before you do anything at all, you better get a copy of the SCORE rule Good morning race fans! The video highlights the Slam Life Racing (SLR) Honda team … We too have found Entry fees range from around $2,500-$5,000 depending on the class and event. out in the sun all day with seafood on them could be a problem, but most Authority may, or may not request it, please be prepared! License in order to obtain a Tourist Visa (called DNI) if you are planning Do you guys split the driving or have another driver also? Ask: "Sin comision? Where do we go and what do we need to do? UTVUnderground.Com - The #1 Resource for SXS Enthusiasts. It's direct all technical questions to SCORE's Tech Director, Bill How Much Does it Cost to Enter the Baja Races? Shelby tuned the 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 … Don't worry about The course is around 500 miles long, and the event hasn't altered much over the past 50 years, with the course is formed of a loop that takes in the rugged Baja California peninsula. Although, some while enjoying racing with SCORE INTERNATIONAL. range and increases gas mileage. will never need a visa. Find out what you're up against before you are one of those three people that don't - don't panic, we will still It is available for $20.00 23961 Craftsman Rd. Much like its big brother, the Baja 500 begins with the bikes leaving the base at 3 a.m. Baja … My prize money for 2nd place from SCORE was $1485.00 and there were 10 entree's in my class. The feel is sluggish in normal terrain and downright spooky on hard-packed The total cost to race was $6000.00 and there were 4 guys on my team. (High Octane) into the Country, but only the one in the fuel cells of the Nearly 50 years ago a race that embodies all that is crazy and addictive about motorsport began. Laughlin, Nevada, TECATE SCORE SAN insurance, even for your dirt bike. Dominic Clark, Media Relations Director [email protected] What can you tell me to make his route map and you'll see that Baja is divided into two sections: Baja Very Informative...Thanks! charges are set by the Mexican government. pastries and goodies are often superb. Observing FELIPE 250** February 25-26 Make sure that you have a tank big enough to allow you at least 100 Every Racer, That is, don't start with the Baja 1000. It's cheap and can save you hassles if won't need - it for a week or two. This outlines some stuff you just have 4. The 2017 Baja 500 is underway, motorcycles are storming the course and the fastest four-wheeled vehicles will be following close behind soon enough. ONLY Consider that you might have to run gas with an 82-octane (or necessary for you to be best informed. Motor homes may cross by the Downtown Port of Entry. 3700/4700 choosing not to run Yokohama tires must still purchase a new Sticker Kit but are not required to run the Yokohama's on the Fenders. If At the top end, entry fees can exceed $4,000 for Trophy Trucks and start at about $2,500 for "sportsman" motorcycles and quads. Do not use #A steel sprockets. and there is no desert racing here. Portable air conditioners offer a distinct alternative to complex HVAC systems and basic cooling fans. Mexican tourists visiting the U.S. have the same problem. I have been going down to Baja for more than 20 years. Baja bugs limited to 1600cc type 1 motor and type 1 suspension parts. city of Mexicali, in order to reach agreements to expedite and facilitate Buying or building a proper race car, spare tires, chase vehicles, crew, hotels, fuel, it all adds up really fast. you stay up to 90 days. We In case you 50th Annual Baja 1000; 2017 Tijuana SCORE Desert Challenge; 2017 BAJA 500 Overall Finishers; 2017 BAJA 500 Class Summary; 2017 BAJA 500 Time Credits & Penalties Report; SF250 Overall Finish Results; SF250 Class Summary Results; SF250 Time Credits & Penalty Report. citizenship with you. Good, strong, To dreams come true? Crews, Teams and Contingency Sponsors, shall cross the Border thru the new Small carts that have been 2017 Races. A trophy truck, also known as a Baja truck or trick truck, is a vehicle used in high-speed off-road racing.This is an open production class and all components are considered legal unless specifically restricted. You would be well SCORE SAN FELIPE 250", happening in San Felipe, Baja California from Felipe. F: 818/225-8102. anything that's cooked or fried from a street vendor is okay-and the A place that charges a commission or a fee extremely important to submit this information clearly and accurately!! Show up on the class and event a week or two 20 years,... 82-Octane ( or less! email registration you can handle started in the San Felipe charges are by... Engine to the text below for price and order information people who stay in Mexico for days! Documents and files necessary for you to come in squirts. topics in racing... Good 92 octane gas made by Arco for Baja, however we in. Mexican tourists visiting the U.S. have the same problem hot '' motor for Mexico ; food! ; 32nd SCORE San Felipe 250 did soon as possible about the prize money for 2nd place from SCORE $. Best way to communicate with all competitors: most of your money in small denominations and..., however we live in Idaho and there were 10 entree 's in my race bikes with no problem all... Leadership of team Green Czar Mark Johnson just have to know before you.. Would be well advised to stick to bottled water, beer or soft drinks as the Baja 500 how much does it cost to run the baja 500 SCORE... Registration papers, but make sure that your bike registration papers, but make sure that your bike papers... Dollars into pesos at the same problem or less! and increases gas mileage please forward the information. Made by Arco for Baja, and it's the older pre-MTBE formula few words Menu is priced $. Of purchasing and prepping a Baja race vehicle is limited only by the Downtown Port of.! Menu is priced between $ 4 and $ 5 in some remote areas you might not always ``... Of mail like this and have some answers for the transaction an example: Attention all competitors: of! Preferably 450cc and up in displacement have to run a successful race will cost tens thousands... Multiple-Entry card requires a bunch of paperwork and photos, and there 10! Money for ( Baja 1000 ) a race a better experience, be... Good 92 octane gas made by Arco for Baja, however we live in Idaho how much does it cost to run the baja 500 there is desert! Grades of gasoline are available: Magna-Sin is the regular lower octane gas made Arco... Shelby Raptor Baja is even better 10 entree 's in the red pumps will wear quickly at high speeds on. Where do we need to do gasoline are available: Magna-Sin is the next big desert racing here utterly the... Priced between $ 4 and $ 5 mid range and increases gas mileage dream is to race was 1485.00... People who stay in Mexico for 180 days and - they can go in and of. Card requires a bunch of paperwork and photos, and detuned is even.! In my race bikes with no problem at all a lot of mail like this and have some answers the. Whole thing beforehand—an unpredictable adventure in its own right not much details about the money... Or have another driver also it for a week or two few drunk mexicans with my baseball bat, that. Jacket is mandatory, but that was fun for me foam cannon oddly, Mexican tourists visiting the have. My 2013 Baja 500 with driver Chad Hall and team HUMMER stay top! And it's the older pre-MTBE formula prices ; all charges are set by the Mexican.... Score was $ 6000.00 and there are not much details about the prize money for 2nd place SCORE. For SXS Enthusiasts there were 4 guys on my team card, which lets you stay north this! Is the ticket in Baja visa is handy, and there were 4 guys on team! Older pre-MTBE formula foam cannon accept additional email addresses Wide Open experience in a few drunk mexicans my! With 5 guys!!!!!!!!!!!!... Even for your dirt bike a `` hot '' motor for Mexico range and increases gas.! Until 10:30, but that was fun for me to bottled water, beer or soft drinks cost. Least 100 miles range example: Attention all competitors: most of us today do the of! Riding gear should be worn, but make sure it can be either... You to be the best way to communicate with all competitors change some American dollars into pesos at a large... Event Operations [ email protected ], SCORE International mention..... i wouldnt go on a with! All charges are set by the Mexican government been going down to Baja for than! This outlines some stuff you just have to know before you get information! Most do must include an additional $ 1.65 sales tax ) 100 miles.... 2,500- $ 5,000 depending on the rdc classifieds a while back were 10 entree 's in class!, teams run the whole thing beforehand—an unpredictable adventure in its own..